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What We’re About

Welcome! Thanks for showing an interest in what we’re about.

You’ll find out all that makes us tick below. We discuss our Vision & Mission, the Objectives & Resources we use before sharing our Cherished Partnerships and Cherished Values.

About Your Host & Content Author

Craig Kirkby

An ordained pastor for over twenty-five years, Craig has served as senior pastor, missionary, church planter and church consultant over this period. He also runs his own web design and marketing business and provides strategic leadership input to organisations and businesses.

His passion lies in seeing people, businesses, organisations and faith communities fulfil their potential, playing their part in creating a better future. The courses offered on this website stem from his experience working in multiple fields and in several different countries.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become better humans. Our mission is to build a better future.

We invite you to aspire towards these noble goals.

Jesus is the promise of a new humanity. He is the Model Human.

Our goal is not to make more converts of the Christian religion or members of our organisation.

Our aim is to make better humans, who individually and collectively build a better future.

That’s the commission Jesus gave to us.

Our vision is to become better humans. Our mission is to build a better future.

Objectives & Resources

We fulfil our vision and mission through our objectives and resources.



To present God’s character and His ways.
To show God’s purpose for humanity.


To help you discover your identity and mission.
To help you make a difference in your world.


What We Are & What We’re Not

While it’s important to disclose what we are, it’s often also helpful to clarify what we’re not. So, let’s start with the latter.

What we Are Not

We are not a church or fellowship. We don’t offer a children’s ministry or a youth ministry. We don’t provide centrally managed small groups and we don’t run a Sunday worship service.

We are not a mission or charity organisation.

What We Are

We are a teaching and coaching ministry.

Our goal is to teach God’s ways, through insightful, devotional and motivational content, and to equip people to live a meaningful and missional life through…

→ free articles hosted on our main website,

→ a virtual study portal,

→ occasional live teaching meetings, and

→ personal and small group coaching sessions.

Cherished Partnerships

While I am based in Melbourne, Australia, I am connected with a number of men around the world. Tony Fitzgerald is based in the USA. Grant Willems in Japan. Christo Van Deventer in South Africa. And here in Australia, Peter Steicke is based in Adelaide.

These men know me well. They know what I’m like on a mission trip in a foreign land, what I’m like at home, and what I’m like sharing my heart, whether it’s in a coffee shop or behind a lectern. While we don’t always come to the same conclusion on things, we’re whistling to the same tune. Some of these relationships go back more than twenty years. Feel free to contact them and ask them anything you want about me.

Cherished Values

Holding to the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds, the following values are important to me:

The Father-heart and Word of God
The Primacy of Christ’s Kingship and the Gospel of the Kingdom
The Personhood and Essential Ministry of the Holy Spirit
The Body of Christ and Unity of the Spirit
The Apostolic Mindset and Missional Ekklesia
The Hebrew Values: Parent Leadership and Spiritual Family
The Brotherhood and Priesthood of All Believers
The Restoration Plan of God and the New Humanity
The Parousia of Christ: Living as a Hopeful, Eschatological People