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Getting Started

Welcome to our virtual study portal!

If you’re just getting started, we’d like to help you get familiar with how the platform works and show you some of the helpful features to make your learning experience smooth and satisfying.

Ready to get started? We’ll have you studying in five easy steps.

Step 1

Once you’ve created an account and completed your order, log in via the My Account page with the email you used to set up your account and the password sent to you.

Getting Started Tutorial
After adding your user email address and password, don’t forget to click the “I’m not a robot” checkbox, too.

Step 2

Your My Account page will open. It has two sections.

(1) Your Account Information where you can change your password and check your Orders.

Getting Started Tutorial

(2) Your Courses where you can confirm the courses you’re enrolled in and track your progress.

Getting Started Tutorial

Step 3

Click on the Course Title to get started on the course. It will take you to the Course’s home/overview page.

If you first want to see your course progress, click on the Expand All/Collapse All button.

Getting Started Tutorial

Step 4

Did you click on the Course Title in Step 3? Great! You’ll now be taken to the home/overview page of your course.

Click the Introduction link in the Course Content overview or Sidebar outline to get going.

Getting Started Tutorial

If you’ve worked on the course in a previous session, you’ll be reminded of your progress to date.

A Resume Course button will also appear to easily navigate back to where you left off.

Getting Started Tutorial

Step 5

Did you click the Introduction link in the outline in Step 4? You’ll now see a few helpful tips and be one click away from the course content itself.

Getting Started Tutorial

(1) You’ll see helpful navigational breadcrumb links.

(2) As always, you can track your progress.

(3) You can return to the course home/overview page at any time.

(4) You’ll have a sticky outline in the right sidebar for easy navigation.

(5) Click the Mark Complete button when you finish each section and your progress will be updated.

Upon completing your course, download your Certificate of Completion from either the course overview page or your My Account page.

Art Therapy Courses, Your Certificate
Art Therapy Courses, Your Certificate

That’s It! Enjoy Your Studies!

We trust you’ll find the content stimulating, challenging and deeply rewarding.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via the Contact Form.